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                      Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


Cavalier of the Order of Honor

Was published the article of the chairman No. 5 СMC for Laboratory diagnostics and dental disciplines Dadasheva Mahirа Zhumagalievna on "Clinical base-the basis of dual education" in the national literary-public journal SARASS. The article deals with the provision of quality education to students of Turkestan higher medical College, specialty “Dentistry”, as well as the conduct of classes on the dual system of education for College students.

Imankulova М. teacher specials.the discipline "Clinical laboratory techniques "published an article in the national literary-public journal" SARASS on "Laboratory diagnosis".The article describes the history of the specialty" Laboratory diagnostics", the main important role of various methods of laboratory diagnostics in clinical medicine.The article refers to the teachers of THMC, who make a great contribution to the training of professional specialists, as well as the fact that our students participate in National and regional competitions, as well as in conferences and their achievements.



Competition "The best English lesson plan"

In 2018, from 17-22 of September in our college held week of languages. Our president demands us knowing several languages and our teachers are learning English as it is in international level. And we organized the competition between   teachers to write a lesson plan in English correctly.

The requirements for competition:

The participants must to write own plans in English language. (It can be all plans or part of plans)

The ready plan should be given to the 20th of September at 5 o’clock.

Remember: The grammar structure and quality of the plan is important.

The conclusion will be announced at the end of the week.


The 1st place – Tuylebayeva Aijan;

The 2nd place – Oralbayeva Guljan;

The 3rd place – Bulatkyzy Aimira;

The 3rd place – Syzdykhova Marjan;

The 3rd place – Khudiyarova Ardak;

The teacher of  the ХХІ century ” – Shametov Dilshod;

The creative teacher – Gaibullayeva Aidana 

Written by Nurseitova A.C.

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