Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


            "Applied bachelor" - a qualification that is assigned to a graduate who has mastered the basic educational program at the level of "bachelor", which has the competence to solve technological problems in various fields of socio-economic activity, ready to start working immediately after graduation.The essence of applied bachelor is to improve the status of vocational education, equating some specialties to higher education corresponding to innovative requirements.In this regard, Astana hosted a round table on "Cooperation in Kazakhstan and Finland in improving medical education and medical services", which was attended by Vice-Minister of health and social development E. Birtanov, heads of the Department of universities of applied Sciences JAMK and LAHTI (Finland), heads of medical universities and colleges of Kazakhstan, etc.The participants of the event discussed the training of highly qualified medical personnel, their role in the field of health and the issues of effective organization of primary health care.In his speech, E. Birtanov stressed that the improvement of the system of training of medical personnel, namely the improvement of nursing training, makes it possible to improve the quality of medical care provided to the residents of our state, Together with the Head of the University of applied Sciences JAMK Aila Palonie and the head of the University of applied Sciences Kari Salmi signed a Memorandum of understanding and strategic cooperation in the field of health and mutual understanding and strategic cooperation in the development of nursing. This document discusses the cooperation of the parties in the following areas, improving management in medical educational organizations, improving the effectiveness of educational programs and improving the potential of teaching staff, improving information, material and technical resources.In the framework of the State program of healthcare development for 2016-2019 years in the Republic of Kazakhstan specialists MZandSR together with colleagues of the University of applied Sciences JAMK and LAHTI has developed a road map for improvement of nursing education in Kazakhstan. The applied bachelor programme examines the principles of further education in accordance with European directives.Since September 1, 2018 in Turkestan higher medical College introduced an applied bachelor's degree in "Nursing". The College has 175 students, 32 of whom are post-secondary students (3.5 years of study) and 143 students are enrolled in an accelerated group (1.5 years of study).College graduates acquire such professional skills as pre-medical examination, pre-medical (nursing) diagnosis, Advisory direction on narrow specialists, patronage of children and adults, prescriptions under the supervision of a doctor. Head of Applied Bachelor’s Department: G.A.Babakhanova


Teacher’s of Applied Bachelor

1.Teacher of “Pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and medical calculations" Nagima Seitkarimovna

2.Teacher of "Health promotion" Jumadullaeva Mahira

3.Teacher of "Nursing care in acute diseases (surgery and post nervous care)" Sultanov Davran

4.Teacher of "Nursing Care and Patient Safety" Khodjaeva Nasiba Tashbulatovna,

5.Teacher of "Mental health in nursing" Orynbasar Gaini Rysbekovna

6.Teacher of "Clinical evaluation of the patient's condition"Ghaliya Senbekovna

7.Teacher of "Nursing Care and Patient Safety" Amirkhanova Gulnara Arynbekovna

8.Teacher of "Chronic diseases and nursing care for elderly patients"Valieva Feruza Mahmudovna

9.Teacher of "Emergency nursing care»  Nurtaev Galymzhan

10.Teacher of «Mental health in nursing" Shoibekova Roza Kalievna

11.Teacher of "Chronic disease and nursing care of elderly patients"Bimenova Lazzat Tulepbergenovna

12.Teacher of "Family Care" Nurzhigitova Zamira Mynzhanovna

13.Teacher of "Professional Foreign Language (English)" Kaldybekova Aizhan Babankyzy

14.Teacher of "Professional Foreign Language (English)" Nurseitova Akbota Sailaubekkyzy

15.Teacher of "Development of biostatistics and research results." Bulatkyzy Aymira

16.Teacher of «Electronic health protection system» Abdiramanova Albina Bakbergenovna

17.Teacher of "History of Kazakhstan" Nakipov Nurgali Sheripbekovich

18.Teacher of "Anatomy, physiology and pathology" Yusupova Gulmira Shintemirovna


Master class on the improvement of the educational program in the specialty "Nursing" and the development of an educational program for the retraining of applied bachelors in the specialty "Nursing"

             From February 12 to 16, in the city of Astana, in the Republican Center for Development and Health Protection held a master class on improving the educational program in the specialty "Nursing" and the development of an educational program for retraining of applied bachelor in the specialty "Nursing".The seminar was attended by a teacher of the department "Therapy and related subjects" Khojaeva N.T.The seminar was conducted by experts on the modernization of the nursing education system, master licensee, registered nurse, senior adviser, LAHTI University of Applied Sciences Hannel Tiitan and expert on modernization of academic programs for nurses, master registered nurse, senior teacher at JAMK University Marjo Palovara.The aim of the seminar is to develop an educational program for the retraining of applied bachelors in the specialty “Nursing” and the improvement of the educational program in the specialty “Nursing” in accordance with the Bologna process and the European Union for professional qualification. This seminar consisted of the following sections:

-comparison of education standards;

- systematic, continuous nursing education;

-preparation of theses in accordance with the standard of education;

- the introduction of accelerated educational programs and the result of training;

- rules of training and retraining of educational plans;

- standards of accelerated training and advanced training of applied bachelors to the level of academic bachelors in the specialty "Nursing".

Nursing education system

Since 2018, students have been admitted to the Department of Applied Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in our college.To study the system of training medical workers, a national program was introduced on the basis of an applied scientific sample from the Finnish University. In accordance with the heads of the institutions, a mentor list was determined, an agreement was signed for further cooperation. (6 medical institutions in the city of Turkestan)Since the beginning of the 2018 school year, 32 students have been admitted to the specialty Applied Bachelor's program (the duration of study is 3 years 6 months) and 150 students for accelerated studies.

In 2018, 26 nurses from various medical institutions were accepted for training.

Central Hospital - 5

Central Clinic - 6

Children's Central Hospital - 4

infectious diseases Hospital - 3

Talgat Clinic, Department of Neurology - 5

Clinical Diagnostic Center of the IKTU named by H. Yasavi - 3

         To introduce elements of dual education into the medical educational system, an agreement was concluded between undergraduate students, medical institutions and college.Events were held to familiarize with the principles of dual education with further employment in medical institutions.For students of this specialty, mentor relations have been introduced to the community by clinical bases and medical nurses - a mentor - a specialist is 1: 5The development of practical skills in the program and the good relations of students with patients and medical workers were already noticeable at the beginning of the school year.In clinical practice, the bachelor of nursing learns not only to work as part of a team and manage a team in medical institutions, but also learns how to organize nursing care