Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы




        Branch of "Nursing Affair" in Turkestan medical college was opened in 1965. Graduates are awarded the qualification department, "the nurse of general practice." From 1965 to 2009 department was headed by B.Amanbaev, E.Mamutova, S.U.Zhabagiyeva, A.K Abdikhanova.

Since 2009, this department is headed by Doctor of category I, a teacher of the highest qualification category Erzhigitova Aigul Saylaubekovna.

Most of the teachers leading classes on special subjects are highly qualified physicians working in the offices of medical and health institutions in the city.

Students  of this department are dreaming to become highly qualified specialists take an active part in the college social life: engaged in research work in subject circles "nurse", "Helping Hand," "Descendants of  Nightingale", and develop their talents in debate clubs and amateur clubs. They are members of the Student government.

In order to assess the knowledge and skills obtained in the walls of the college for three years, and increase students' interest in the specialty every year there is a contest for "Best Nurse" among students of final groups.

      Nowadays many graduates of the department "Nursing" continue their education in higher educational institutions.