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Obstetrician affair

Short history of department "Obstetrician Affair"

The department of " Obstetrician Affair " of Turkestan high medical college was opened in 1998. Qualification "The general practical obstetrician" was appropriated to graduates. From 1998 to 2003 department the obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest of categories R.K.Kurbanbayeva managed. Since 2003 and till today "Obstetrician" up to standard manages office with qualification G. A. Aubakirova.

In department with qualification "Obstetrician" 103 regular teachers teach, of them 75% are made by doctors, 30% teachers. 36% teachers-doctors with the highest and І category, 30% teachers – doctors ІІ categories.

Active part when training on qualification "Obstetrician" is taken by qualified specialists of the Regional Perinatal Center No. 3. There is a special wish to note a contribution of the chief physician of OPTs A. Ya. Ilyasova, obstetricians-gynecologists of the highest of R.K.Kurbanbayevoy, Z.S.Azizovoy, K. M. Ernazarova, B. Zhumatova, G. Moldagulova, G. A. Kurmanbekova, G. T. Akhmetova's categories. also there is a wish to allocate a contribution of professors, MD R. G. Nurkasymova and Sh.M.Seydinova, Candidates of Medical Science. A. B. Muratbayeva and senior teacher A. Zh. Zulpykharov.

In departments with qualification "Obstetrics" there are 24 equipped offices conforming to state standards from them 13 educational offices, 5 simulyatsionnykh of the centers, 5 preclinical rooms and 1 office of monitoring.

For interest increase in the specialty and a sense of responsibility competitions among students office are constantly held. For example, scientific conferences and competitions on specialties among students of final groups are annually held. At such competitions students show the professional skills with big enthusiasm.

The qualified and talented students of office with qualification "Obstetrics" take active part in regional and republican competitions.

For example, in 2008 at the regional competition "Obstetrician of 21 st century", taking place in medical college of the city of Zhetysay, students of A-407 group took a prize-winning second place.

On scientific student's conferences, Saryagash who was taking place in 2009, the student ІІ a course of office with qualification the "Obstetrician" Mr. of Kusembekova made the scientific report on the subject "Frequency of Deviations in an Embryo, Meeting in the Turkestan Region" and took ІІ a place.

On International scientific conferences in Almaty the student of ІV course V. Syzdykova shared with results of research work on the subject "Condition of Reproductive Health of Young Girls of Turkestan" and took prize-winning ІІ a place.

Under the leadership of the teacher A. A. Makhatova members of the student scientific circle "Maternal Pleasure" within a year carried out scientific work on the subject "Pregnancy and Arterial Hypertension". At the student's scientific conference held in department on this subject the student of A-301 group Mamedaliyeva took prize-winning І place.

Under the leadership of the teacher A. A. Yusupov the student circle "Young healer" works. In 2012 the active member of this circle, the student of A-409 group P. Akberdiyeva made the report "Surgical complications of diabetes" and took prize-winning ІІ place.

At educational competition on the subject "Anatomy — Fundamentals of Medicine" organized by teachers of Turkistan medical college , students of A-201 group of Smaylov Zhanar and Egizbekova Ulbosyn won the first prize of competition.

In recent years heads of 49 circles for the purpose of increase of interest in research work conduct scientific work with students. In offices with qualification "Obstetrics" the number of the students who are interested in scientific work increased from 63% to 72%.

Employment by work of graduates with qualification "Obstetrics" increased from 86% to 93% in recent years.

Students of department take active part in all events held in college: participate in work of subject circles, are active members of the Student's government, take part in circles of amateur performance and young akyns. In a word, try it is useful to spend time and lead active lifestyle. Especially that the youth dreaming to become experts of an average link try to be engaged in research work on medical subjects in the museum of "Anatomy" places.

On the bases "Health systems and health of the people of RK of" and "Delivery and blood transfusion" annually students of office is provided humanitarian aid city stations of blood transfusion.

Today graduates of office with qualification "Obstetrics" continued the education in medical schools of our republic and having finished it, filled up number of people in white dressing gowns. It:

E.Utelova – the chief epidemiologist of the Center of Almaty.

S. Isakova – the teacher of anatomy department.

P. Artykbayeva – the teacher of Obstetrics department of Turkistan Medical College

E.Sarsenova – the obstetrician-gynecologist Woman of consultations of Turkestan.

K. Seytaliyeva – the Obstetrician-gynecologist in Kyzylorda.

Zh. Fayziyeva – the Obstetrician-gynecologist in Kentau.

S. Eshmaganbetova – the teacher of a subject "Propaedeutics internal          

                                   diseases" in Turkistan Medical College.

V. Atakhanova – the patalog-anatomist of MKTU.

At present on office of "Obstetrics" 147 students, from them 49-on the budgetary basis, 98 – students on a commercial basis are trained.