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Specialty "Pharmacy"

In Turkestan medical school training qualification "Pharmacist"
began in 1998. Students who choose a specialty pharmacist must possess a good memory, mathematical talent and good knowledge.

The educational program department in the specialty 0306000 - "Pharmacy" is carried out in accordance with Constitution Kazakhstan, the Law "On Education" of RK, with the "State Program of Education Development of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020", with typical TVE rules in accordance with the SES, with the State health development program "Саламатты Қазақстан" for 2011-2015, with the orders and regulations of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders the MES.

The college has a modern scientific and technological skills of the pharmaceutical center, which is a subdivision aimed at the development of practical skills of students. There are rooms in the center of the "Training pharmacy", "Phytobar", "drugs Technology", "Organization and economics of pharmacy with the basics of marketing and management", "Chemistry".

Thanks to modern equipment of scientific and technical base of educational-based pharmacy, industrial laboratories and highly qualified teaching staff of our college graduates in the specialty "Pharmacy" in demand in the labor market.
Students of specialty "Pharmacy" - prizewinners of regional and national competitions. In the Republican contest "Best Pharmacist 2013" First place took Ismatullaeva M. At the regional competition "The best pharmacist-2015" took second place Vahapova E. In 2013 XI student research conference took place the I Rakhmatullaeva T.

In 2014, on the regional subject Olympiad among college third place in mathematics took Bekmaganbetova A.
Not only students but also teachers CMK "Pharmacy and related subjects" have high achievements. In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex," the author of the textbook "Technology of pharmaceuticals" teacher Abdramanova N.S First place won a prize.
In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex" author "Pharmacology" textbook Yusupov A.H, he was awarded third place
In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex" III place holders are the authors of the textbook "Latin" Kozybayeva A. Hudiarova AB