Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы



                                                   Specialty "Stomatology"

In 1998, the Turkestan Medical College has received a license to train students in the specialty "Dentistry" with the "Dentist" qualification. Turkestan Medical College characterized by long tradition and modern material and technical base. Supervises department Ermankulova Madina Myrzahmetovna

The curriculum specialty 0304000 "Dentistry" qualification 0304023 "Dentist" fully meet the mission and objectives of the Medical College of Turkestan. Preparation of competitive health professionals is conducted on the principle of dual training

In order to implement the educational program specialty "Dentistry" with the qualification "Dentist" in college established its dental educational and industrial base, a modern system-information computer infrastructure, has a highly qualified teaching staff, providing quality education through the introduction of new learning technologies. Teachers CMK №10 "Dental articles» B.A.Amirov D.O.Mirzaeva and in accordance with the SES RK 2010 amounted curriculum 0304000- specialty "Dentistry" qualification 0304023 - "Dentist" in the following subjects:

"Prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases"
- "Dental Surgery and Maxillofacial Traumatology"
- "Manufacturing Technology arc prosthesis"
- "Manufacturing Technology orthodontic design"

Prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases"
- "Dental Surgery and Maxillofacial Traumatology"
- "Manufacturing Technology arc prosthesis"
- "Manufacturing Technology orthodontic design"
In accordance with the curriculum prgorammoy developed an electronic textbook on the subject "Prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases", training manuals on "prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases" and "Dental Surgery and Maxillofacial Trauma." These tutorials in the republican contest "The best training-methodical literature Kazakhstan medical colleges" were awarded diplomas of the second degree.

Teacher of the highest category, the dentist first category D. A. Mirzaev held online lesson at the National level.
In the 2014-2015 academic year, a student IV year Karaganda S.Seylhan got III prize in the XVII Republican competition among graduates of medical colleges in the specialty "Dentistry" "Best dental technician, graduate of 2015".

Brief history department LFS

           LFS of Turkestan Medical College opened in 1998-1999 school year. Due to the fact that from year to year increases the relevance of preventive care, health care reform and the development of economic relations in medical practice with aim of trained professional specialists in the field of public health 1999 opened up such specialties as: 0404002- "Dentistry", 0405002- "Pharmacy" , 0407002- "Stom.ortoped" 0408002 - "Laboratory diagnostics."

The first years of separation "LFS" ruled Temirbaeva Alma Meirbekovna, Abdihanova Aigul Kanalbayevna, Amanbaeva Gauhar Abubakirovna. Since the 2008-2009 academic year, this department manages Ermankulova Madina Mirzahmetovna.

Since 1993, she worked in Turkestan medical college as a teacher, scientific researcher. A few years was chairman of the Cyclic methodical Committees, Senior Curator.

Works in the preparation of semi-skilled medical professionals, have made a special contribution to the educational process, has produced "educational complex" on special subjects to the students. Her methodical, pedagogical, scientific articles published in national publications. Organized a seminar-lecture on "Innovation Technologies of Education" school "of young teachers," and its practice methodically helps young teachers. He holds a "Master Class" on special subjects in the city and shared his practice. She supervises the circle "Young technician" at the conclusion of the study and its practice of "technology of modular training" wrote various articles and share in national publications.

Organized the Republican contest "Best Pharmacist -2013."

The student of LD-401, F Boribay that produced as special education teachers with a degree in "Laboratory diagnosis" won second place in the Republican contest "The best graduates of the Kazakhstan National Medical College 2015".

Department of Dentistry student of SD-401 S.Seilhan H.Ү ІІ participated in the Republican contest "The best dental technician-2015", and received the third place prize.

2013 M.Ismatullaeva won First place in the competition "Best Pharmacist - 2013".

The Medical College of Karaganda Republican online conference to 550 anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate on "Kazakh Khanate - the basis of the Kazakh State" student group SD- 201 F.Nematullaev actively participated and was awarded a diploma. Leader: Muhanova 2015 Regional Mathematical Olympiad between students of technical and vocational educational institution student group F-101 A. Bekmaganbetov got third place and a diploma.

The Republican research conference online in Taraz on "Features kumys in the treatment of tuberculosis, its chemical composition, methods of preparation and use" student of LD-301 A.Seylbek won First place and a diploma. Director: K.Tilepbaeva Students of the department participate in various republican, regional online conferences and competitions and awarded diplomas. Contribute by reforms in Public health. Proceedings for the execution of the state program "Саламатты Қазақстан." The department "LFS" Doctor of the highest category, the doctor - dentist I category D.O.Mirzaeva, First category teacher, doctor - dentist I category, a silver badge Kazakhstan dental associatian"special work in dentistry," honorary citizen of the city of Turkestan A.Amirov, lecturer doctor - hygienist highest category, an epidemiologist A.A.Kantarbaev, lecturer doctor - hygienist essentially, an epidemiologist M.Zh.Dadasheva, teachers highly, laboratory doctors, G.A Mukhamedzhanov, M.M.Ermankulova, K.F.Shakirova, lecturer doctor - hygienist essentially, a teacher-specialist highly, honorary citizen of the city of Turkestan A.H.Yusupov, teacher-specialist of the highest category N.S.Abdramanova, Educator First category specialist A.K.Kozybaeva held practical lectures.

The graduates of our College enroll in universities and continue to work in our same college: 1. Hudiyarova AB - A teacher-specialist; 2. Abdalimov Z.Z - Specialist private pharmacies; 3. Akhmetov F - senior assistant city maternity hospital. 4. Abdimaulenova T - senior laboratory assistant in the clinical laboratory of the Nice Classification 5. Dosmetova M Tursynmetov C - personal pharmacist pharmacy.

Graduates of our college continue their studies at various universities, and work in their field in Kazakhstan. Graduates of our college the 2010-2011 school year with a degree in dentistry brothers Nureyev work in Turkey. 2012 student of the F-101 Zhunisbekova Akerke received 3 place on regional Olympiad in chemistry.

2012 student of the F-201 Ustinova Raushan in the regional Olympiad on the Russian language on "Language - the key of knowledge" has won the First place. In the 2014-2015 school year, teachers №5 CMC "Laboratory diagnostics and related items" A.Hudiarova A.Aytbaeva and organized a competition to the "International Day against the fight against AIDS" on the topic "Prevention of AIDS as well." According to the results of the competition the first place, students received special laboratory diagnostics. Student group F-402 Mahmadsalim J. participated in the competition "Тапқыр достар" (Resourceful friends) and went to the final. The competition between the offices on the theme "AIDS problem of the century," our group "Umit" received the First place.

Student groups DM -402 D.Bayseitov got second place in the competition city tour of the Russian language on "Language key of knowledge" and participated in the regional competition. Head A.D.Mirzahmedova

• 2010-2011 academic year, the College of the traditional competition "Anatomiya- basis of medicine" from our department actively participated team "Atlant" and won the grand prize, and received a diploma G.N.Bekmurzaeva.

Student Group F-402 in the J. Mahmadsalim ҮІ Delphic Games on "The courage of ancestors - in our memory," won the First place.

• Formation of a healthy lifestyle among the youth of the city, with aim of preventing AIDS and on the day of December 1 - World AIDS Day with AIDS among students of specialized educational institution held a competition on the theme "AIDS - a dangerous disease" student of LD-302 A. Daniyarova actively participated and won the First place.

• As part of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the promotion of talented young people to society, to increase their love for the motherland and patriotism was held a competition of young singers "Жас толқын." In this competition the student group D.M-201 N.Asylhanov got the third place.

16 December the Independence Day on the initiative of the city branch of "Nur Otan" National Democratic Party organized a competition of patriotic songs among young people, and the studio group DM-201 N.Asylhanov, won the Grand Prix and a student of the F-201 U.Aytzhanova won second place.

• By the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Olympics mezhotdelencheskoy Turkestan medical college team "LFS" took an active part. A men's team won the First place two years in a row.

Students of the department actively participate in public events of college, attend clubs of music and poetry, visit the Student Government, debate club, and others. In particular, young men who dream of becoming the best average qualifying medical specialist visit such clubs as: "The Green Pharmacy," "Young dentist" "Young technician".

Specialty "Pharmacy"

In Turkestan medical school training qualification "Pharmacist"
began in 1998. Students who choose a specialty pharmacist must possess a good memory, mathematical talent and good knowledge.

The educational program department in the specialty 0306000 - "Pharmacy" is carried out in accordance with Constitution Kazakhstan, the Law "On Education" of RK, with the "State Program of Education Development of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020", with typical TVE rules in accordance with the SES, with the State health development program "Саламатты Қазақстан" for 2011-2015, with the orders and regulations of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders the MES.

The college has a modern scientific and technological skills of the pharmaceutical center, which is a subdivision aimed at the development of practical skills of students. There are rooms in the center of the "Training pharmacy", "Phytobar", "drugs Technology", "Organization and economics of pharmacy with the basics of marketing and management", "Chemistry".

Thanks to modern equipment of scientific and technical base of educational-based pharmacy, industrial laboratories and highly qualified teaching staff of our college graduates in the specialty "Pharmacy" in demand in the labor market.
Students of specialty "Pharmacy" - prizewinners of regional and national competitions. In the Republican contest "Best Pharmacist 2013" First place took Ismatullaeva M. At the regional competition "The best pharmacist-2015" took second place Vahapova E. In 2013 XI student research conference took place the I Rakhmatullaeva T.

In 2014, on the regional subject Olympiad among college third place in mathematics took Bekmaganbetova A.
Not only students but also teachers CMK "Pharmacy and related subjects" have high achievements. In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex," the author of the textbook "Technology of pharmaceuticals" teacher Abdramanova N.S First place won a prize.
In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex" author "Pharmacology" textbook Yusupov A.H, he was awarded third place
In the Republican contest "The best textbook and methodical complex" III place holders are the authors of the textbook "Latin" Kozybayeva A. Hudiarova AB