Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


College Library

College Library - a guarantee of a deep and high-quality education


«The twentieth century is a vector of а

culture, science and education.

Library - source of all education»



Library - a caravan which carries the history of mankind over the centuries, sows high intelligence, in a word palace intellectual wealth and professional competence.

The aims and objectives of the library:

- Meeting the needs of readers at the choice of subject literature and information, the development of self-education skills and instill a love of reading.

- Providing assistance to the intellectual, cultural and moral development, propaganda of cultural values and heritage.

- Instilling a culture of information to readers, the formation of skills skillful use of library and information fund of the library.

-Be responsible for updating and preservation of library fund.

- Develop work plans, conducting statistical account and a written report on the work done.

  - Doing maintenance work with new literature, stamping, indices and price mark.

- The introduction of literature registered in the program KALIS.

- Documents Management acts on writing off worthless literature.

The main directions of the library:

- Organization of the work in the library.

- Conferences, seminars and trainings in order to improve professional skills of library staff.

 - Organization of the library processes and library services advertising.

The staff of the library 4 employee. This is the head of the library Mustapaeva Alimа Habibullaevna, M.Aldashukurova bibliographer, librarian reading room M.Kozhataeva, librarian hostel G.Amirova, librarian Electronic Reading Room E.Bibolov.