Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


Committee of Youth


The Committee of Youth of Turkestan Medical College was established in the 2002-2003 academic year. The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev pays special attention to young people, as the engine of the new course, make every effort to its full development. In order to implement the youth policy of the president of the college created the Student Government. As part of the student government are three of the club: "Поэзия жастары" Debate Club "Аңыз бен ақиқат" club "Азамат" youths, aimed at the disclosure of creative potential of students.

Leaders of the Committee of Youth:

2002- 2005 - Suleimenova Dina

  Since 2005 - Aldabergenova Gulmira

Youth Affairs Specialists:

2011-2012 - Ospanov Seilkhan

2013-2015 -Meyrbekov Rollan

2015 - Dukenbai Bakhytzhan