Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы




In Turkestan Medical College medical center works with the opening of the college. Health of students - one of the most important factors of well-being of college. An obligation to require employees great responsibility and accuracy. In medical center currently working two experts: A. Aytymbetova - paramedic, R. Bakhova - nurse.

Aims and objectives of health points:

      Guidance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, regulations, orders, regulations;

       It works with the orders and instructions of the Ministry of Health of RK;

      Carrying out a preliminary examination, the organization of the clinical examination and preventive examinations;

      First Aid (within a year) when unexpected illnesses of students and teachers in the preparation of personal injury,

      poisoning or urgent cases in the room;

      Early treatment of patients and the provision of first aid, control over the conduct of workshops and interviews with doctors college students;

      Control patients of students, including frequently and chronically ill;

      Close contact with the head of the department during the year;

      Timely examinations of students, preventive, therapeutic and recreational activities;

      Implementation of anti-epidemic measures, preventive vaccines (hepatitis B, ADSM, p-№063). Work with patients of infectious diseases, contact analysis, monitoring and notification;

       Check sanitary conditions of academic buildings, dormitories, dining room;

      Close co-operation during the year with the head of the department of physical culture and SSC for students with poor health;

       During the year to be in close connection with the women's councils, city health center doctors, doctors of skin diseases, doctors, sanitary and epidemiological station;

       Release of wall newspapers on current topics,lectures;

      Working with orders;

       Helping students and college employees, the provision of the necessary procedures;

      Proper management of medical records and timely reporting;

      Preventive planning and carrying out treatment operations;

       Conducting health education among students, promotion of healthy lifestyles;

      Order the necessary tools and medications.