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Student government

Student government

image003Student Government - a self-governing body of college students. Student government was created in the 2007-2008 school year under the leadership of Deputy director on educational work Mirzahmedova Aigul Dosanovna. During the long years of the student government has developed its own charter, structure and form of the work. Annually elected president of the college, which, together with the Government of the annual work plan

College Presidents were elected:
In the 2007-2008 school year Anarbaeva Aisulu, student obstetrician department.
2008-2009 - Aysekenov Nursultan student medical department.
2009-2010 - Kydyrov Zhandos student medical department.
2010- 2011 / 2011-2012 - Maksuthanova Zhuldyz, student of the therapeutic department.
2012-2013- Thurman Bekzat student medical department.
2013-2014 / 2014-2015 - Dukenbai Bakhytzhan student medical department.
2015 -2016- Zhunisbekov Maksat, a student at the medical office.

In This time as a part of student government structure includes a president, two vice presidents, 5 ministers, leaders of the 6 divisions, as well as assistant leaders, IT department and a secretary.
Student Government - a great pride of Turkestan Medical College