Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы



Director of "Turkestan High Medical College"
PhD Bimurzayev Galymzhan Nurmanovich

            Galymzhan Nurmanovich was born in 1962 in the city of Turkestan, South Kazakhstan region. In 1983 he graduated from high school and enrolled in medical school in Almaty. And in 1989, he graduated from the Institute as a therapist. The first years of labor began in the central district hospital, where he worked as a therapist. In his work G.N.Bimurzayev distinguished knowled and diligence.
          In 2006 he received a second degree in ICGS name Yassavi.
In 1997-2003 - he worked as director of the center of the city of Turkestan donation, and there he revealed himself as the best specialists and managers.
In 2003-2007 - the chief doctor of the central city hospital of Turkestan.

        He defended his thesis in the Research Center of Pediatric Hematology in Moscow and by the decision of the Dissertation Council in 2004 January 23 Bimurzaev Galymzhan  Nurmanovich  awarded the degree of candidate of medical sciences.
In 2007, he worked in the Nice Classification in behalf  Yassavi  therapy department of the Medical Faculty.
        In 2008-2009  he worked  as  chief  physician in  Kentau  city tuberculosis hospital.
From 18 February 2009 on the orders of the South Kazakhstan Department of Health appointed director of the Medical College of Turkestan. He works for the benefit of college with all heart. Each year, diligently develops the College:

       A) classrooms are equipped with modern facilities and the latest models of medical devices. Polyclinic opened dental training center and lecture room, introduced the dual training in the educational process.
      B) to improve the professional priorities of future specialists opened 5 simulation training centers, equipped with modern robot simulators, mannequins, online models,        2 Linguaphone cabinet, 20 cabinet subject to a new modification.
      C) 5 specially equipped computer classes supplemented by 300 computers, books in the library reached 70000 pieces.

      D) All classrooms are connected to high speed internet

       E) College signed various foreign medical schools, and special education teachers can exchange experiences.
       F) introduced 9001: 2009 Quality Management System Series KR ST ISO certified service training college.

      G) is interested in the institutional accreditation of the college. In the ranking of medical colleges of Kazakhstan Turkestan Medical College II takes position.
      H) opened "Alley Students" developed sports facilities, students receive social and domestic help.

       I) Galymzhan Nurmanovich for high achieving college received a nomination "Outstanding Specialist of the Year - 2009" and "Outstanding Specialist of the Year 2011".

     J) in order to share best practices of college were organized 2 international, 2 national research conference;

     K) Galymzhan Nurmanovich author of 25 scientific articles, 1 monograph, 25 textbooks.

     He is married and has 4 children.

    Galymzhan Nurmanovich  Bimurzayev  awarded the following awards and rewards:
- Diploma of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "Excellent Health";
- Jubilee  Medal "20 years of   Independence of Kazakhstan";
- International Medal "Hippocrates";
- Medal  "Y.Altynsarin" RK;
- The medal "For work submitted South Kazakhstan "
- "Honorary Citizen" of the city of Turkestan;
-In 2015 he received the  letters of  acknowledgement  by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev  December 16 hands "for the introduction of long-term contribution to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan"