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Accounting department

image002     Chief accountant of the Turkestan Medical College

Mukhan Ajshat Begenovna

  Chief accountant of the Turkestan Medical College Mukhan Aishat Begenovna - for 16 years working in this team. Ajshat Begenovna manages the financial affairs of the College. In the accounting department work hard such specialists: Sh.U.Abdibekov - economist, accountant calculation, A.Kulbekova - material accountant G.H.Mustapaeva - Cashier, Master of Economics, M .A .Amantaev - public procurement specialist, an accountant, K. Sh Mulkibaeva - Accounting separation pay, and B.K.Shyntaev  and R.A.Abdihalykov - programmers.


Short biography

Mukhan Aishat Begenovna was born in 1960, May 29. It has higher education. In 1977 she graduated from the Kazakh secondary school named A.Zhankeldina in the city Aris, then she worked in the city center pharmacy, cashier, accountant. In 1978 she entered the Semipalatinsk Financial and Economic College, and in 1980 received the financier profession. In 1980-1982 she worked as account supervisor in the city's financial department of the city of Aris. In 1982-1989 she worked as an economist in Turkestan city hospital, deputy chief accountant. In 1989, the dental clinic, the chief accountant. Since 1999 he has been working as a chief accountant in the Turkestan Medical College. In 1999, she entered the South Kazakhstan Open University, and graduated from the correspondence department of the above mentioned University with a degree in "Finance and Credit" in 2003. Aishat Begenovna constantly runs training courses, several times awarded with diplomas "Honor" from akimat, maslikhat of the city, the health department of the South Kazakhstan region, the union of the South Kazakhstan region.

Brings 3 sons and 6 grandchildren.