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Management structure

Academic Council

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Teaching Council Turkestan Medical College operates under the direction of Ziyaydinova Ulgzalgas

Methodical work to improve college directed methodical work of the teaching staff, on the testing and implementation of pedagogical methods and techniques to facilitate versatile intellectual, cultural and professional development of students.

The purpose of college methodical work:

The purpose of college methodical work:

- Improving the professional pedagogical skills.

- Providing innovative works of teachers of scientific method

- Develop training materials, corresponding to modern requirements.

- Identify and disseminate Before

Improving the overall culture pedagogic college workers

Formed following the direction of the college methodical work:

- Preparation of teaching materials on the subjects;

- Preparation of teaching materials for each topic for each module

- Preparation of methodical instructions

- Development of methodological pointers, the development of teaching aids

- Preparation and supply of teaching materials, ie. special assignments for students and teachers, exercises, texts, business games, clinical case studies.

- Training programs

In order to quality organizations and the professional development of the next cyclic methodical commissions are functioning in college:

- Social and humanitarian

- Natural Sciences

- Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

- Physical education and CWP

- For general professional subjects

- Laboratory diagnostics and related items

- Pharmacy;

- Therapy and related items

- Surgical disease and related items

- Dentistry and related subjects

- Languages ​​and language training

- Pediatrics and related items

Methodical work of the college is organized in the following form:

Self-education and

Self-teaching staff,

to participate in the college of methodical work, improve skills in provincial, regional, national training institutes.

- Methodological Council

- Methodological meeting

- The work of the young teacher of the school.

- Certification of teachers

- Compile and disseminate innovative methods of teachers.

- The organization of competitions and subject weeks, pedagogical skills competitions.

- Organizing and conducting scientific and practical conference among students and teachers

- Work cyclic methodical commissions.

United methodical theme college "Ensuring the quality of education and improving the efficiency of educational process"

United methodical theme combines forms of work into one, improves the quality and effectiveness of the business.

The body that gives direction and methodical work, developing the concept of guidelines - a Methodological Council.

As part of the College Council method has four departments. It:

1) Attestation Division (certification of teachers, dissemination of best practices)

2) Pilot (approbation of pedagogical technologies, new teaching methods, teaching aids)

- Advisory and Diagnostic (development system works with at-risk and gifted students, conducting consultations on the educational process

3) Monitoring Unit (diagnosis of the educational process)

In college, work multilevel creative groups. I would like to mention the "School of the young teacher", which imparts the skills of pedagogical skill of young teachers, union teachers II-categories of "learning to learn", and a group of teachers I-categories of "applicant", the club of highly qualified teachers (the highest categories of teachers) "Innovation" , a group of "mentors". Such associations encourage the disclosure of pedagogical skills

         Structure of the methodical work of the Dagestan Medical College

In order to assist in the proper organization of the educational process, the problems of drawing up guidance documents, the relevant requirements of every young teacher mentor is attached. Special rules have been drawn up mentoring. These rules are given an explanation of the coaching, defined the content, objectives and mentoring tasks, rights of the young specialist, etc.

At the beginning of the school year

mentor for the approved schedule

visited the young teacher lessons, analyzes and familiarize him with the structure and algorithm of the traditional lesson, conducted attendance lesson and discussion of the results. Mentor teacher instills in the young culture of communication, support him in all his undertakings. Most of methodological assistance provided in the preparation of didactic material for choice assignments and exercises for independent work, assignments for the examinations.

The results of the teacher working with young teachers completed a joint demonstration binary lesson.

Methodical department college on par with collective, group and individual collaborations leading electronic correspondence consultation. For this purpose, the information center and the computers of each SSC created electronic databases. On this basis, 6 folders are created. It: created electronic databases. On this basis, 6 folders are created. It:

Folder for chairmen CMK

- Folder for teachers (legal documents, materials, annual evaluation of teachers).

- Folder for young teachers.

- Folder "Decisions pedagogical and methodological advice"

- Folder "Subject of the week"

- Folder "Portfolio of teachers'

Each teacher through the database can receive instructions for planning and implementing traditional and innovative lessons for the effective control of knowledge of students, may receive a variety of information in preparation for the certification.

Annual In college in order to create a modern style system of pedagogical ideas competitions pedagogical skills and educational development.

The competition CMC are the following tours:

1) Carry out a business card presentation;

2) The competition "The use of innovative educational technologies" (team standings)

3) Competition "Auction pedagogical ideas";

-forms And methods of teaching;

- Form for monitoring and evaluation of the educational process;

- Best practices;

- Methodological proposals for the introduction of innovative learning technologies.

- Methodical exhibition

Order to regulate and assess the quality of innovative educational process in college composed graphs monitoring the results of the SSC and monitoring methodological level lessons.

This schedule monitoring are very effective in the incarnation of the target areas within the College monitoring and evaluation of the quality of teaching. We are confident that it is on this path our college to reach more considerable heights.50 year old college path is the path of creativity and elevation.

We are confident that it is on this path our college to reach more considerable heights.

                                                 College's Archive


            Archive Turkestan Medical College is constantly working since 2002. Since 2006, the position of archivist takes Abisheva Bakytgul.

            Arhivirus engaged in the storage of documents and materials, the registration of archival materials, which must be kept for 5 years in college.
            Currently, the college archive works on the basis of the order №144 from December 22, 2014 of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the order №22 from January 26, 2015 Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The list of typical documents generated in the activities of governmental and non-governmental organizations Republic of Kazakhstan, with an indication of shelf life".
                For activities archivist guided instruction service, archive rules. The college has a fixed summary nomenclature of affairs. Every year in this period specialists departments pass the documents listed in the nomenclature, deposited in the college archive.
            In accordance with the terms of storage of documents shall be in constant Kentau Regional State Archives for permanent storage and archive documents on staff surrenders to the state archives of the city of Turkestan.
            Archive Turkestan Medical College is located on the 2nd floor of the academic building. Total archive area 12.3 sq.m. Archive connected to the Internet.

Reception and delivery of documents.

The main functions of archival documents:

-          Creating optimal conditions for storage of documents

-          Compile with the issuance of documents from the archive

-          Defining and setting up a fund permanent storage of documents, the determination of the value of documents




The head of the personnel department of the Turkestan Medical College Utegenova Fatima Altayevna

image002Utegenova Fatima Altayevna was born in the city of Turkestan, South Kazakhstan region March11, 1959.

In 1977, she graduated from medical school at Turkestan specialty "medical assistant". She started her career in 1979 as a laboratory assistant in the Turkestan medical school.

In 1986-1991 on the job will receive a special librarian-bibliographer CHPGI. In 1986-1989 served as head of the library, 1989-1994 was a teacher of the subject "Fundamentals of Nursing" in 1994 - HR, legal advisor, working as head of the personnel department in 1998. Teacher of the first category specialist of the department of personnel of the highest category.

            The winner of the nomination "The best open class", "gifted woman," was awarded the diploma "Talented teacher", honorary diplomas and a medal "Excellent Health".

Fosters of 5 children ...

            The personnel department work Aldamuratova Aynur Abdumalikovna - Inspector of Special Affairs, Narhanova Bagdat Temirhanovna - human resources department inspector.