Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


Psychological serviceat the college


Center of Psychology

The work of the psychological center

The Turkestan Medical College has a psychological center under the leadership of

Master of Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences, a teacher in the subject "psychology and communication skills" CMC № 4 E.Danyshbaeva.

Psychological counseling is first and foremost a help in the emergence of some problems in the educational process, as well as a psychological panic of the inner world of each student.

I try to always come to the rescue in any situations, preserving all the qualities, ethical and aesthetic obligations and norms inherent in a competent psychologist. I try to do my job with great interest and pleasure.In this center, work will be conducted between students, teachers, in the form of psychological diagnosis, counseling, and psychological evasion and development. The main purpose of psychological work is to develop in the student creative thinking, abilities in some direction, their psychological characteristics, in a word, to develop in each of them a personality.

And also to work on problem children, to struggle and not to allow the development of any mental deviations among students, to create a peace-loving atmosphere in the team, to arrange lessons on psychological literacy for parents.


        Letter of thanks from the Director of TMC-2013

        Nur Otan "Алғыс хат" -2014

        "Pedagogical debut of 2014" - diploma of the second degree of 2014

        "Diploma of Honor" Health Department 2015


In the College there are such lessons, trainings and seminars for teachers and students as "Psychology of family relations", "Ways to get rid of stress", Prevention and avoidance measures of autodestructive nature "," Professional relations ", Motivation for students in studies", "Measures avoid stress ", etc.                                     

  Trainings with students and work with teachers