Қашықтықтан оқыту технологиясы


The head of the personnel department

The head of the personnel department of the Turkestan Medical College Utegenova Fatima Altayevna

image002Utegenova Fatima Altayevna was born in the city of Turkestan, South Kazakhstan region March11, 1959.

In 1977, she graduated from medical school at Turkestan specialty "medical assistant". She started her career in 1979 as a laboratory assistant in the Turkestan medical school.

In 1986-1991 on the job will receive a special librarian-bibliographer CHPGI. In 1986-1989 served as head of the library, 1989-1994 was a teacher of the subject "Fundamentals of Nursing" in 1994 - HR, legal advisor, working as head of the personnel department in 1998. Teacher of the first category specialist of the department of personnel of the highest category.

            The winner of the nomination "The best open class", "gifted woman," was awarded the diploma "Talented teacher", honorary diplomas and a medal "Excellent Health".

Fosters of 5 children ...

            The personnel department work Aldamuratova Aynur Abdumalikovna - Inspector of Special Affairs, Narhanova Bagdat Temirhanovna - human resources department inspector.